Our Story

Vekja is a brand of unique watches firmly rooted in Scandinavian ancient tradition with its respect for nature. At its heart, our brand is driven by a desire to create ecological and ethical products which blend the spirituality of old Nordic culture with effortless and unassuming style. Our watches are designed to give back more than we take: every sale is used to support selected environmental initiatives to leave no carbon path. Vekja was born out of our determination to turn the fashion industry around, so that it could actively contribute to preserving our planet Earth.

The Runes

Each of our watches is engraved with a single rune from the Elder Futhark, an alphabet composed of centuries-old symbols of mystical  power. To write a rune is to invoke the magical significance for which it stands: wear one on your wrist and let its powers guide you through life. Find the watch that matches your personality and aspirations and take control of your fate.


Our first model, The rune Raidho (A), promotes a lifestyle marked by physical and spiritual travel.
Its design is characterised by a rich woodgrain and copper details, and the shape of its dial is inspired by that of a guiding compass. We source our raw materials and gears from Switzerland and the Nordic region. Wood, our central element, reminds us of our connection to Scandinavia’s dense and wild forests, where the magic of the runes originates.

Our watch is sturdy and versatile, along with a plant-based interchangeable bracelet. It is ready to adapt to the many changes that will punctuate the life of its owner, always in pursuit of broader horizons.

Like every detail of our watch, each wood engraving has meaning.
The 9 circles represent the 9 realms of the nordic mythology. They all stand and are connected by Yggdrasil (The World Tree) The watch depicts a story of the “Havamal”, where Odin traveled from Asgard (The realm of the gods at the very top), to go at the roots of Yggdrasil where he awakened to the galdr (runecasting knowledge).
Vekja meaning awaken in Old norse.

This watch is still a prototype and these images are just 3d renders based on our artworks.

Our Aim

Sharing the same passion for the soul of the North, we are two best friends designer from Belgium and Switzerland, we make our production process a personal affair: be it brainstorming, sketching prototypes, or meeting with local artisans, we are present every step of the way. We believe that beautiful, unique accessories can be made ethically and sustainably while remaining affordable.
Our aim? Grow, not for growth but to grow awareness for our cause and achieve a long-lasting impact. We want to create a new generation of elegant and eco-conscious consumers by offering them a range of products that stand out not only because of their beauty, but also because of their meaning.


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